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Additionally that document says nothing about my other points that make Zerocash superior, such as that the anonymity of Zerocash only breaks if SHA256 breaks, but anonymity of Monero breaks if ECC does.So I am thinking not to include CCT (which is a more efficient form of CT which I figured out how to do even more efficiently than the author, but I never published my result).And this is why civilization collapses into war and pestilence every 309 years or so.Maybe someone comes up with a way to make Monero QC-resistant before QCs will be a real threat.But an oligarchy of miners would have an economic incentive to sell access to the deanonymization honeypot, because absent a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden, no one will know (or at least be able to prove) that such access and honeypot is deployed.

Make you also attack the credibility of person (not the facts) who wrote down the facts.And the design I proposed which limits the negative effects if trusted setup was a fraud somehow.This is a problem because masternode owners with malicious intentions could try to deanonymise users.I discussed that in more detail in the comments section of this blog.

Also ECC could possibly be cracked (or perhaps backdoored) mathematically, and not requiring a QC, but that is still an arms race of sorts.Not good and another strike against ring signatures unless you can find a way to not pay miners the fees and burn them instead (which is what Bitnet will do).So you may have seen announcements recently about Monero being introduced in addition to Bitcoin on several darknet markets such as Alphabay.Once the median block size has risen to accommodate the volume of transactions that includes the Sybil attack, then there is no penalty accessed for that volume of transactions because it is the new median.

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For example, I would like to see you prove that Evan Duffield operates even one masternode.

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Your model is not factoring in the contagion of combinatorial collision due to metadata correlation.Our onboarding mechanism is going to be different than Steem.There has been a lot of speculation on this matter, but the simple fact is that within the first 8 hours 1.5 million coins had been mined.My blog is about using blockchain analysis combined with a Sybil attack, metadata correlation, and overlapping rings in conflagration of combinatorial analysis.Zerocash is not susceptible because the anonymity set is always implicitly all of the UTXO (even those already spent), so spamming the UTXO gains the Sybil attacker no probabilistic advantage.What can be expected from someone Bitcoin holders at the moment this New Year.It is inconvenient and approximately no one cares enough to do it.

Try to find something productive to do with your miserable life.Other than that need, the argument for needing untraceability on every transaction is to prevent tainting of UTXO with a claim that this is necessary to maintain fungibility.And one good result was because of reading those logs when you posted there, I noticed the discussion of the following Trilema blog.Yet the implication is that to avoid exchange rate delays and fluctuation risk when running coins through the optional mixer, the untraceability mixer should be denominated in the same token units as the popular medium-of-exchange.That is the gist of it, and the prior Monero Research Labs report (MNL-001) only considered the case where the decoys were not being continuously populated.It has to be mathematically modeled with all the vulnerabilities I enumerated, because there can be non-linear combinatorial cascade, such that anonymity sets collapse in a domino effect.I explained in my comments at the Reddit linked herein that I thing RingCT is entirely unnecessary with the design I proposed and I think it is probably harmful and ill advised.

Yes I expect a HUGE community to gather around my coming Bitnet project.Even ignoring transaction fees (in the case of a single dominant miner).

That is a very helpful response to me, because it points to why the design I contemplated is really needed.

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But killing the fiat, debt spigot will hopefully squelch the funding for the retards.Lol they have a great technology but seem to lack some skills in other areas at times.

This is not 2% of the payments, but only 2% of the block reward.I will see what I can do if anything to make it clear without disrupting it too much.Haloo friend NewBium Lovers back again with me still further dis.You cant get 80% of the outputs without being glaringly obvious, and if you did so, you cant do it for free without an excessive hashrate.I did not claim that the Sybil attack needs to be 80%, because the metadata correlation and other vulnerabilities can combine (and the Monero Labs Research report claiming 80% is inapplicable for the reasons I have explained).Just being able to think again and work again is massive progress in life.Note the current authentication alternative to proof-of-work employing malevolent IP throttling for protection of P2P networks against denial-of-service attacks, will become ineffective as IPv6 is adopted and IP addresses are essentially free.The perpetrator of the honeypot does it because there is some value in doing it. Duh.

A piecemeal analysis may lead you to think the way you are, but holistically I see a different conclusion.In other words, the carelessness of other users reduces the effective anonymity set size of the diligent users, in addition to the reduced anonymity set size due to the vulnerability of the Divide and Conquer section.Speculation in XMR is likely to be entirely unaffected by my blog.

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My blog is explaining afaics there are no overriding drawbacks for any use cases that make sense.

They usually fail to be able to incorporate economics correctly (archived here and here ), marketing, and other aspects.Without true centralization, an adversary could game the trust, such as building up trust costfree, then employing that trust to inject invalid transactions into the has had a fair share of complaints from folks indicating that responses.

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